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 About the new 1.1.0019.5 patch

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About the new 1.1.0019.5 patch Empty
PostSubject: About the new 1.1.0019.5 patch   About the new 1.1.0019.5 patch Icon_minitimeTue 24 May 2022 - 5:44

Delayed by Covid-19 and the horrendous situation in Ukraine - both of which have personally and directly affected the developers - the long-awaited 110019.5 update is expected very, very soon

This is a bridging patch while the highly-improved game is tested thoroughly from start to end, the cutscene ending to Level 3 is added (from our Ukrainian developer), the loose ends of the storyline are tidied up, and the push to finally complete the English translation is done

The game will then be released as 110020, with ModDB, Nexus Mods, and Steam updated to host the final download. After that, only fixes will be included in future patches, though DLCs from additional contributors are an ongoing possibility

Finally, when the move to 64-bit is ready, the new version will be 1.20000

Until then, here's a sample of what to expect in the intermediate patch - compliments of Aleks1970...  santa

• The stimulant 'Hercules' now works as in COP
• Several artefacts now have extra carrying capabilities, as in COP
• Three smart backpacks have been added, each with different carry strengths (still under test)
• The player receives an SMS when the number of items in each backpack reaches its limit
• Ignoring this will result in your backpack bursting, with a new dynamic visual effect...
• New game counters to include the player's economic status, style of play, and times killed...
• Anomalies relocated around the Bar, making it safer once inside, but more dangerous to access...
• A new 'Thirst' function (Tzounakos9084, Aleks1970), which can be enabled within the 'tb3d_modders' script ('use_thirst_function' set to True, and control it with 'thirst_hardness')

• Fixed Mole not spawning in the Dark Valley
• The 'Kill Hump' task has been altered to reduce game lag afterwards
• Changed Petrenko's commemorative flask job, with a different approach to finding it
• Finding the medical bag for Sakharov. The bag has a new icon, and can now be found in two different ways, depending on whether or not the commander is killed before you enter the Sarcophagus
• In addition to the bag, a special weapon also awaits the finder...

DIALOGUES (Sword2012)
• All four game levels have been merged to create a cohesive and immersive storyline
• Info and dialogues in Collector, Caesier, Gold bars, and ZEP docs have been improved for flow and cohesion with the modified storyline
• Most 'SMS news, death notifications, and meditative messages' script files have been rewritten throughout (To use, activate lines 77, 222, 224, 225, 227, and 622 in the 'tb3d_modders' script. NOTE: These line numbers may differ slightly in the new Modders Script, but will be updated here)

• 22 original documented map levels have had their historic descriptions improved in Encyclopedia > Regions (pchester)
• 31 previously undocumented map levels now have full descriptions in Encyclopedia > Regions (pchester)
• New 'Unified Zone' - all 53 regional descriptions have been rewritten to create an interconnected and timeline-corrected socio-political history of the Zone (pchester)

• Backstories for Caesier and the Black Doctor have been added
• New standardized layout for suppressors, scopes, and launchers
• New and ongoing consistent layout for weapons and ammo stats (kd6dm)
• Ongoing improved weapons and ammo descriptions have been added from a soldier's POV (kd6dm)

• Several new mutants have been identified and described...
• The copyrighted 'Soul Cube' has been replaced with a new relic
• All known unauthorised copyright and intellectual property removed from the original text files
• Further descriptive guidance added to scenarios where players usually get into trouble, or killed...
• Restructured text within the 'news_data' script file, to remove 226 commas that could potentially cause CTDs
• Decapitalized the names of all mutants, bandits, and mercs, to make them appear a common and ever-present threat in the Zone...
• 233 instances of ‘Ecologist’ changed to ‘Scientist’ for accuracy and consistency between levels
• Differences between Ecologists and Scientists clarified. The former 'Ecologist' suit has been renamed the 'Scientific Research' suit
• Three more text files from the original 155 now fully reworked to completion, with 23 remaining to be completed in the next draft
• Countless dialogues and descriptions throughout the game improved in content and layout, with extended storyline dialogues added to fill knowledge gaps

Aleks1970, TrueB, pchester, Fercyful, Strelok981, PsyWarVeteran, fantomas and like this post

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About the new 1.1.0019.5 patch
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