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 Game story changes?

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Game story changes? Empty
PostSubject: Game story changes?   Game story changes? Icon_minitimeWed 16 Jan 2019 - 10:05

Hay guys. as i been going from start to finich in the maiun story, i found a few sections in the story shanged, aspesialy in Recon area. The part where you find the girl, you no longer do the doll and Npp helicopter story, she escorts you to the camp, then gets in the shoper, anmd gets kild.

There is a few sections from start to finich i picked up sections messing, even with ussing pliskans file. Lab x8, the cube, after i got in the building and got the stuff, sended the SMS, cube for sale, East pripyat goi's dead, nothing but a few mutants going about, totaly emty, cannot enter lab x8 at the entering point. i had to spawn the cube after i completed the story part 1 and 2, to compleat the wuest on the cube.

A few things dont spawn to compleat the quest, but i could spawn them to get the story going. Duty is a pain in the bud, i feel after keeling the guys at the farm neer Freedom, the HQ must not now that you took them out, and so you dont loos the trust you build playing dubble agend to get to info on the zone secrets.

Yes, you can rush to Sid, pay a fine/money to clear you, but then you end up beehing dutys friend and nutal to all other groups, where you was green to bouth nearly all, only banfits, mercs and monolith are red. Having duty and the rest green, meen less killing, less stock to sell.

Duty and all can kill one another, dont care on that, but as a dubble agent in the field, it's nice to have it, i hade it, till i took out duty and kild there boss.

But the main thing of all is, there are parts removed as there are new parts added and to make it work the story had to be shange a bit, but there are things not spawning, like dialogs, or you buzy shating and the guy cuts the conversation and you klick on him to get back in the coversation and he duse not  even open a dilog to comunicate to you.

Log out, start over in that section save when you get to him, and so get the quest you need from him. I must olso bring up crushings that happents in the game, in the first parts 1 & 2, then when you dune, doing the Treasure hunting, i had no crushes comming out of Dark Vally like you have in story part 1 & 2.

I found also, Agraprom, had a problim on crashing when going to close to the rail tunnel, and after Fang got stuft onder, ussing the buble on the shimney, the game crash, i had to use the jumping down way to go on to the last bit.

I have not gone to the rail tunel again, but will test it in a few min, as i compleated the treasure hunting, and now will do Zip and gold bars. Will keep all up to date and when im done all the story's and quest i will send it of to TB, and Aliks 1970 to look at.

Good hunting stalkers
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Game story changes?
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