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 Spanish Translation?

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Spanish Translation? Empty
PostSubject: Spanish Translation?   Spanish Translation? Icon_minitimeThu 25 Jun 2020 - 1:25

Hello again.
I was looking for it in the forum, but I did not find any topic referring to the translation into other languages, especially Spanish.

Time ago, searching the internet, I found a post in another stalker forum, from someone who is translating the game, and had 2/3 already translated, but does not specify if it is the new or the old version.
And I couldn't contact him, or anything like that.
So it occurred to me that maybe, I might be around here.

And even so, are there possibilities of being able to translate the game or have access to the files to translate it?


Hola de nuevo.
Lo estuve buscando en el foro, pero no encontre ningun tema referido a la traducción a otros idiomas, en especial al español.

Tiempo atrás, buscando en internet, encontre un post en otro foro de stalker, de alguien que esta traduciendo el juego, y llevaba 2/3 traducidas ya, pero no especifica si es la nueva o la vieja version.
Y no he podido contactarlo, ni nada parecido.
Así que se me ocurrio que quizas, puede que este por aqui.

Y aun asi, hay posibilidades de poder traducir el juego o tener accesos a los archivos para traducirlo?
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PostSubject: Re: Spanish Translation?   Spanish Translation? Icon_minitimeThu 25 Jun 2020 - 14:11

Hi Ikaruss

You'd need to apply to TecnoBacon for this work but, before you do, you might want to know what's involved with this leviathan of a job

The dialogues team was set up in late 2015 to 'translate' the game to English. Within a year we realised that it was untranslatable and, due to the sheer frustration of not understanding what the original authors were trying to say, it needed to be rewritten, within the context of the game, for an English-speaking audience

Five years later, we've not yet completed the first draft

This wasn't down to laziness or complacency, but the need to play it, one screenshot at a time, to understand the context of each line of dialogue, and taking into account the evolving personality of the protagonist, 'Marked One'

There was also the sheer size of the game

To give a few examples, the first STALKER game, Shadow of Chernobyl, had a text file size of 1.00Mb

Call of Chernobyl, the base game, is 1.14Mb

Lost Alpha expanded the storyline further, to 2.45Mb

Narodnaya Solyanka, just one of the mods included in StalkerSoup, weighs in at 2.79Mb

The ambitious STALKER Anomaly, created in English, took it much further to 3.96Mb

But StalkerSoup is a whopping 5.56Mb, over five times the size of the original SoC, and this doesn't include all the text secreted in the .script files

So anyone wanting to translate it would need to be prepared to make the job a labour of love, and a 'life's work'  Twisted Evil

I don't want to put you off - just give you an idea of what's involved. It's a lot of fun and a wonderful hobby, especially if you're a budding writer or translator, and you have a great team working with you. Several of the development team working on StalkerSoup have already gone on to become professionals in their chosen field, with the game on their CV...  Very Happy

So if you're still interested, despite everything above, please contact TB and get the ball rolling, as 129 of the 155 text files are already completed and ready for translation to any language affraid
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Spanish Translation? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spanish Translation?   Spanish Translation? Icon_minitimeFri 26 Jun 2020 - 8:12

No problem, this was more than anything to see if the aforementioned translator was also here.
In addition to wanting to have an idea of how much it is.
I remember that at the time, I did my own translation for one of the first versions of the Call of Chernobyl.
But the changes made to the game in the later versions, because that translation didn't work anymore.

I think the biggest problem I usually have is not so much the great translation itself (which in this case is much, much bigger), but then when applied to the game it doesn't usually work well, and I have problems with the use of accents (like Martín) and the letter Ñ, that the game doesn't recognize.

I better wait for more news, haha ...
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Join date : 2017-05-31
Location : UK

Spanish Translation? Empty
PostSubject: For budding translators   Spanish Translation? Icon_minitimeSun 28 Jun 2020 - 18:10

For the benefit of anyone willing to do translation work on the game, it's always best to contact TB directly

He may already have ideas in mind for a particular language, and assembling a team. From experience, you'll need to prove that you're good at what you do, and willing to stay the course

The team will usually involve a Project Lead, who'll manage the others to take care of various parts of the files in their native language, and ensure that they're consistent and true to the original idea of the game before approving and submitting them for release

There will always be rules regarding the (non)use of certain text characters in the files, and there's an ongoing learning curve the deeper you get into the files

For those who volunteer to work on the English files, for example, there's a guide sheet on how to do things properly, and what to avoid, because not only can a forbidden character crash your game, but it can mess up your saves so your game never works properly again  affraid

And if one of these errors gets past the testing procedure, it can mess up many games around the world when the next patch comes out. You can take my word on that one...   Embarassed  Rolling Eyes

Also, as you say, direct translation from the files alone doesn't always work. You need to be an active and avid StalkerSoup player who understands the ethos and context of what's happening in the game

But if you're still determined to get involved in your native language, and see your work included in what is probably the best STALKER mod ever, then please send a PM to TB or, if you can work in native English, myself Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Spanish Translation?   Spanish Translation? Icon_minitime

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Spanish Translation?
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