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 I'm spawning in the air...

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I'm spawning in the air... Empty
PostSubject: I'm spawning in the air...   I'm spawning in the air... Icon_minitimeTue 2 Jun 2020 - 23:31

Recently reinstalled the soup, was enjoying the game pretty well until I got to the Garbage. Some reason, the game always spawns my character about 15-20 feet in the air when transitioning from the Cordon to the Garbage. This happens everytime, but on reloading the auto save a few times allows me to land without getting hurt somehow (otherwise I end up with a broken leg, which I can't find any information on how to heal). Luckily, this is the only place so far that it happens, but I've only gotten as far as the Dark Valley story-wise to confirm that. Wherein the new issue arose.

Meccep doesn't give the Acidic Porcupine recipe when I save him. I've tried giving him the medkit before the bloodsucker appears and then talking to him, I've tried saving and talking before the bloodsucker, and waiting until it was dead to save him. No luck, he provides the dialogue of saying he will send the info to my PDA, but doesn't actually provide the recipe.

Any help would be appreciated, maybe another source of the recipe or perhaps a way to use the info spawn to get it.

EDIT: Okay, followup. Looking further into my PDA, I've found there's Artefact modification near the top, and then Artefact recipes at the very bottom. Either I already had the Acidic Porcupine, or it doesn't give a notification.
Still, spawning in the air when moving from Cordon -> Garbage is an issue still needing a look at.

EDIT: So, going back to get a fresh save to send, I happened across a Thorn artifact just chilling at the transition. Grabbing it, I went to the Cordon, and then hopped back to the Garbage. This time I spawned right on the ground as one would normally expect. Didn't know artifacts had those kinds of physics.
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I'm spawning in the air... Empty
PostSubject: I'm spawning in the air   I'm spawning in the air... Icon_minitimeWed 3 Jun 2020 - 0:25

If you send a copy of the autosave.sav file showing whose name may reflect your entry from Cordon to the Garbage (ie it is the save that occurrs as you pass from one area to another through such transitions), to Aleks1970 plus if possible a F12 screenshot of you off the ground, he can best advise as he is in charge of all things Level 0.

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I'm spawning in the air...
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