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 Military Rations disappearing?

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Military Rations disappearing? Empty
PostSubject: Military Rations disappearing?   Military Rations disappearing? Icon_minitimeThu 31 Aug 2023 - 1:28

I've encountered a strange glitch in the latest version of the mod.

The item Military Rations...
Military Rations disappearing? GSDkKzC

...seems to inexplicably disappear the moment I get through a level load.

Military Rations disappearing? NKz8MmJ

I initially thought they turn into medkits for some reason, however this is not the case, the item simply disappears from my inventory. Strangely enough, this doesn't happen with the Russian or American rations.

Did anyone else run into this? I would really appreciate any help. I prefer rations over medkits as they don't drain stamina.
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Military Rations disappearing? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Military Rations disappearing?   Military Rations disappearing? Icon_minitimeThu 31 Aug 2023 - 13:40

Hi Hydralisk. Unfortunately this is one of several bugs that were introduced with the latest update (1.1.0019.5). Several items, including the green ration packs, RG6 grenade launchers and VOG25 grenades (and probably other items that I have forgotten) now disappear when you change maps. 

The only workaround that I know of is to spawn them in manually - but they will disappear again next time you change map, so only spawn them in when you need to use them (e.g. to hand in for a mission). 

The RG6 and VOG grenades are in the main Spawn menu (ESC+S), but I don't think the ration packs are listed there. Fortunately you can use the ESC+F4 item spawn menu instead. Open the menu and type irp-b and click the SPAWN! button, and a ration pack should appear on the ground near you. If you want to spawn more than one, add a comma and the number - e.g. irp-b,5.

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Military Rations disappearing? Empty
PostSubject: Re military rations disappearing    Military Rations disappearing? Icon_minitimeSat 9 Sep 2023 - 11:43

Quote :
Previous post:
Hi pchester, my MO had no experience of losing anything at transitions. Perhaps if players look at TB3D modders.script and make adjustments eg one of the settings in the script is true or false for theft of players' goods by friendly forces. Try setting it to false and hopefully it might help. The modders.script is not a cheat menu but a way of tailoring the game to suit individual players. I strongly recommend, in my opinion, that a  copy of the original modders.script be saved elsewhere than the Stalkersoup folder, and before more than one, correction just in case. Regards  TrueB
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Military Rations disappearing? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Military Rations disappearing?   Military Rations disappearing? Icon_minitime

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Military Rations disappearing?
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