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 New map with new areas ??

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New map with new areas ?? Empty
PostSubject: New map with new areas ??   New map with new areas ?? Icon_minitimeThu 13 Jun 2019 - 13:20

I hope this post belongs to this new section.

Few minutes ago I read a topic in the forum (can't remember the Section it was) about a map found in Reddit showing what it seems to be new areas for StalkerSoup.
After typing my answer that Topic has banished/deleted; if i'm not wrong it was written by " _nite_ " but I'm not sure at all.

Whoever it was, the topic was about if the following map posted in Reddit  was showing new future content and the answer I couldn't send to the poster was:

According to the map, some areas are familiar to me and some other aren't:
"Cursed forest" map can be also found in LostAlpha mod under the "Forest" name.
Same happens with "Anomalous land"; it's "Countryside" in LostAlpha and the same goes with "Science station" (Yantar in LA but seem the lake is not dry) and "Industrial area" (Garbage in LA).
And in the left side, bottom: "Lobby" is "Waiting room" in the current verion of StalkerSoup.

New and promising areas (drooling!): Valley of Whispers, Polissya, Kurchatov37, Eastern Cordon, Sillent[sic] hills (not sure about this one), Spatial bubble.

I'm also doubtful with : Metallurgical plant (already existing in LA), Perimeter...

Bear in mind that this map are also missing some StalkerSoup mini-maps like Black Market, End Station, Cemetery...
I don't know if these ones will be merged later in a bigger one or will be removed because they don't fit in the new content; Those "minimaps" are not shown in this Reddit map anyway.

There are a couple of developers (Monolith bless them!) that are currently creating new content and storylines.

So, let's wait and see!

I don't know why the topic has been erased... maybe the map is a kind of spoiler/fake/bait...
So this is the Reddit link i'm talking about:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

If you want a Lost Alpha map to compare both areas:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
not the best version !

If the topic was deleted by an Admin because this Reddit map should not be published here, please feel free to do the same with this topic.

Finally I make mine his question about: Is this map about new content or is it from another Soup version?!

Last edited by ObiWanCannabis on Thu 13 Jun 2019 - 13:22; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Grammar mistakes that really hurt innocent eyes!)
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New map with new areas ?? Empty
PostSubject: Maps   New map with new areas ?? Icon_minitimeFri 21 Jun 2019 - 9:47

ObiWanCannabis wrote:
Previous post:
There are now lots of full mod games, so rather than Reddit try a Google search as I find that often works, even for this Forum. The only DLC content that I know of is by Tzoun, who is doing 3 Levels. Perhaps if you pm him with Tzoun* in search for name, it will give the numbers after his name, then you can ask without the risk of spoilers.

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New map with new areas ?? Empty
PostSubject: New map areas   New map with new areas ?? Icon_minitimeSun 23 Feb 2020 - 11:57

Previous post:

Hi ObiWanCannabis, As this was highlghted I read it again. It could be that the Reddit map you mention, in my opinion, could have been posted as a guide showing all the areas that are in the various mods. Stalkersoup now is massive with 56 areas and soon 1 Level plus 3 Levelups, with another 7 DLC levelups planned. It would be a good modding feature if new DLC input could include new maps. For example, in a storyline I suggested a while back, which could work since alien items exist already in the Game, were either an planet X, and/ or large spacecraft.

As Stalkersoup gets its name iirc from a soup of mods, then perhaps some DLC could include some of the ready-made  areas on the main map you mention. If a synopsis of the areas and their mods, not already in Stalkersoup, were available, and submitted, imo it would be very helpful to DLC modders &c. Regards, TrueB

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New map with new areas ?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: New map with new areas ??   New map with new areas ?? Icon_minitime

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New map with new areas ??
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