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 Various suggestions and criticisms...

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PostSubject: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Tue 22 Jan 2019 - 7:44

Having played and replayed several levels and maps, and while continuing to enjoy the game, I came up with this idea of giving some suggestions, as well as some criticisms of errors and mechanics, for future versions.

I hope this is not a nuisance and the opinion will help you to continue improving and making this a great S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod.

Oh, and...sorry for my bad english  Razz

I must say that I liked more the previous versions, with a Zone more full of large anomalies and dangerous appearance.

Like the blue radiation cloud, or the source.
Or maybe they are still there and I do not see them, or they have not spawned in my game.

I do not like at all, the weapons spawn.

On one hand, I appreciate the appearance and trade of new objects.
But on the other hand, there are too many weapons without practical utility.
Many weapons are copies of others, only with different texture.
Its handling is the same, and its other statistics as well.

I really do appreciate weapons like the crossbow, or others that are very different and unique.

Although the idea of the gravitational weapon does not match or make sense with the game.

Just as I do not like too many weapons and objects copied from other games, I don't like mutants and monsters either.

The librarian ... I still do not meet him, but I do not like the idea, since I think his existence is more accurate in Metro, and not in a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

If I like the idea of seeing new mutants.
The werewolf, not so much.

These are mutants of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which I would really like to see in the game.


It's interesting how you added mutants cut from the original version and nobody, no mod, has added the Tark.


I will comment that personally, I'm adapting many elements of several mods of STALKER, for a role-playing game.

And as such, the bestiary includes many new mutants.

For example, I divided the Poltergeist into two different mutants:

The Poltergeist, only have an intangible form.

While the physical version, I converted them into Nosferatu.
These nosferatu, absorb the vital energy of unsuspecting stalkers.
What is summarized in decrease of stamina and health.
If the Noferatu have vital energy, they are able to levitate.
On the other hand, if they are hungry, they will crawl with their hands and arms.


Also, after seing this three images:


I create the Beast Machines.
Like Transformers... but not so like Transformers.
These are evil machines...

And finally, this is what happens when my players stalkers, reach the center of the Zone:

Imagine to find that...
Yeah, my STALKER rpg, it's more like the book and the movie: surreal.

When I find more images and details, as well as more criticisms, and what I am thinking about the mod, I am happy to share them with you.
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Wed 23 Jan 2019 - 7:31

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
Above post

I like the idea you have on the mutants you have, and it sounds like you have a lot of knolage of how to get things to work and so i think that you need to talk to Alaks, Tecnobacon and maybe they will let you help in updating this game to the fullest of the story and make it better as wat it is at this time. This game, STALKERSOUP for me is the best of the stalker storys, mite be better than stalker 2, if it ever will be made, but yes, i also feel, if the story can have live in all sectors, like it was in the Original game stalker 1,2,3, backwaters and so on, that is now dead, have most of that quest that is in the Original games and this will be the game to have and play every day, i mean, there are so meany cool stuff in the Original game and i feel it needs to be added back into the game stalkersoup. It will be like the old start off, to wat we have now, leaving the monolich and wich grunter for last, the end of the story, just think of it, starting in back waters, doing the quest to get info on the helicopters that crash't in the eria backwaters , jupitor and so your extual quest grows to other quest taking you to the swamp, then to Cordon where you meet Sid, but with the part wher you get founf by the stalker and droped of at sid's desk, and doc gives you the meds that takes you into the cave, after that, you stil have tro go true all that is now, but, east pripayt is like the olf story where you have to get in by going back to jupiter, and thrue that tunnel, in east pripayt, you will do the old wuest with the new as we have now, on the end help some high offisials out of pripayt like in the old story, where you say, i need to stay behind and lurn more on wat is going on in the zone, and so you will go on till you get to the Npp, and after that, lighning come in, and the alian base stoty as the zone is still in a mess, and if can, adding more labs bunkers as it is in stalker 2, meanning, we have lab 8, 10, 16 and 18, where is the rest of it, in the other parts of the maps. We dont need stalker 2, just add the old into the new, will give more game play, more quest, more mutants, and remove the cars, we walking and running, dont need them, bring back the gun upgrate section as it was in the Original game but with new addons. I love this game, play it every day, just would like to see, some of the Original game story line in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Wed 23 Jan 2019 - 9:14

Ok, first, errata:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:

I must say that I liked more the previous versions, with a Zone more full of large anomalies and dangerous appearance.

Like the blue radiation cloud, or the source.

Bad translation.
I meant, the Fountain.

This one:


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:

I do not like at all, the weapons spawn.

Mistranslation again.
I meant, Weapon Porn.

It's when there are too many weapons, to the point that many are not used.
Games like Far Cry 2, have this same problem.

In the end, you do not have a big difference in handling and utility among all weapons.
Not like, for example, Half Life does.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
Above post

Well... I love so, so much this game and the lore...
Something that I don't like it much from the original game, was the ending.

I did not like the idea that everything is human creation or a simple failed human experiment.

I'm more attracted to the idea that there is no logical explanation behind the origin of the Zone.
It's a extraterrestrial origin?
A Devil's creation?
A punishment from God?
Beings from another dimension?
Our grandchildren from the future?
Magic or Science?

The original book, Roadside Picnic, handled certain theories but nothing concrete.
Some that went beyond the known science, and others that went into the terrain of the unknown and mysterious, like bad luck:
Bad luck, being a determining factor in a big accident, when someone from the Zone moved to a new city.

The bad luck, being an unknown but powerful force, that incited a tragic accident, if perhaps a person who lived near the Zone, moved to this new city.
Death rates increased exponentially after the arrival of someone who had a relationship with the Zone.

This part, I do not know how it will be translated in the English version of the book.

My the Spanish version of the book (which by the way is a bad and old translation), mentions them as zombies and as returned ones.

This is how I separated the zombified stalkers, and the normal civil zombies, and I put it into a new category of mutants: the returned ones or the Resumed ones.

The old bodies of the dead people and buried in the Zone before the disaster, suddenly begin to reintegrate, to recompose themselves.
What the first day were only bones, now is bones and rotten flesh.
And tomorrow it will be a rotten body.
Finally, if nothing interrupts the process, it could once again become a living and healthy being ... but who knows what intentions has, after wanting to leave the Zone.

Also, I have a funny thing:

This theory is taken from a bug of the game itself: the AI worked badly sometimes, and the zombies returned the shots, so I was far from their reach and their sight.

How could they know it was me, who was shooting them and how could they know where I was?

So it occurred to me that the zombified stalkers are managed or controlled by the Zone itself.

The Zone is alive, of course, and is a conscious and thinking entity.
And is aware of everything that happens inside her.

I also like the idea that the Zone is a female entity, like the goddess of the sea, Calypso, who does not allow women, because she is jealous.

That also explains why many stalkers love the Zone.

And well, STALKER is the only game that can we be forgiven many bugs, and make them happen as part of the eccentricities of the Zone, the surreal.

Like a crow flying through a mountain.

But.... that is more from my version of the role-playing table game, not this one.

EDIT: PS: I almost forgot:
I have some more little big complaints or criticisms:

I love the idea that if in the the 100 Rads Bar, you steal things from the table, the other stalkers get angry.

However, I have noticed a big mistake:
Every time an NPC knock you off, you end it looking the other way, even if you're close to a wall you go through and see the emptiness on the other side...

That, in my opinion, take you away from the realism of the game.

Besides, the DeJames mission that I do for Gordon Freeman, is broken.
It is IMPOSSIBLE (at least for me), to be able to complete it normally, since as soon as I say the last line, he becomes my enemy and being next to it, it knocks me off.
And with that blow, while the camera focuses again on the NPC, it's already taking out its weapon and it's firing at me, killing me on the spot.

This is what happend to me:


As you can see on the secuence, the "knock" takes me on a walk around the map, and it takes 5 to 10 seconds to return.
5 to 10 seconds !!
At that time, DeJames not only hit me again, but he shot me, stole my gun, and went to have a beer with his comrades.

I had to put the game in God's mode, and there to pass it, so that after the blow, I would not be filled with holes.

The other option is to arrive and kill him without exchanging dialogues, which is illogical and unrealistic.

The knock off should be simpler, more accurate, and could even take away a part of your health, which would be normal.
But with that blow, the camera ends walking almost to China, before repositioning itself in its place... its a crap and I hate it.

It would also be great that instead of things like gloves to replace the knives, add the option of an attack command, like a kick.
That said extra attack, whether you have the knife, a gun or a rifle.

Like that kick from F.E.A.R. games.

It would also serve to get rid of the bloodsuckers when they "hug you".
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Tue 12 Mar 2019 - 20:38

I would like to suggest all mutant parts have a function. If not simply there to attack MO, rats and izloms have minimal payback on their parts, and seem to be more a nuisance than a threat. Tushkanos are a threat as they can kill MO and their parts gain eg Barkeep who exchanges for them.
Izloms are the result, iirc, of stretching experiments by scientist, hence their wail, but rather like Mercenaries, izloms noise betrays them. If objects in the game cause hiccups, could not these sorrowful creatures be fed, or made friends with? After all, the Marsh Doctor cutscene shows him with a pseudodog as a pet.
On the subject of pets, could not embryos when launched by MO act against his enemies, rather than MO?
I hope these suggestions are in the right place. And I think it is a great idea, to be able to offer them.
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Wed 13 Mar 2019 - 4:26

Yeah, when I get the first embryo, I think that will be a pet or something like that.

I ended up disappointed that it was not like that.
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PostSubject: Backwater etc   Wed 13 Mar 2019 - 13:45

Above long post:
Hi Whitewolf, it would be nice to have the friendly Skadovsk(?), but this worked on the SCOP engine and TB uses the SSOC x-ray engine. The former is more advanced afaik and there was a mod that allowed more than the 4gb limit for RAM that worked with SCOP but so far, SSOC's 4gb barrier prevents even this. I know nothing about programming but iirc TB on his site mentions the issue.
I think the monsters shown by Ikaruss are brilliant. And wonder if they can be modelled in 3-D to work in the x-ray engine environment.
The whole game is a fantasy for using transitions from the top of a rock can take the player to a room in a cottage. The distorted mutants are fantasy, and the game has zombies, ghosts, and controllers. There are also hints of alien activity. Soup continues to evolve, and that is good because by the time each playthrough ooccurs, things change, so it is rarely the same. Yet, there is a storyline to keep things together. Long live the Zone.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
Ikarus' long post above:

EDIT: Hi Ikaruss, I was thinking about your imaginative creatures, and a game I used to play called Trainz. It was discovered that the pc mechanism that drove the trains could be represented by something in scale the size of a brick, and the track could be invisible so people could appear to walk down a sidewalk/pavement because despite appearances they were engines and moved on a track. Compared to this creatures in Soup are also amazing. But perhaps the same principle applies in Soup as I understand the ragdoll death is a mod. So how creatures move such as burers and bloodsuckers, could surely as a mechanism be attached to new mutants and NCPs. One of the oddest creatures from Metro, has no moving limbs so anything should be able to be substituted. There are many duplicate faces on NCPs, and at least 2 with the same voice. In SCOP a feature is an extremely fast running  NCP. In Soup, there was an incidence at one time of very fast running NCPs in the Swamp. So perhaps any creation will work within Soup's mechanisms. It would seem that you need access to the codes etc, that would allow your ideas in 3-D to work using its current engine, and be able to fit into the storeyline. I would suggest you try animating at least one of them. Imo TB has said that Levels 5 to 10 will use DLC which I understand to be Downloadable Content. So DLC contributors are needed. Perhaps if you write to Tecnobacon or Aleks1970, they can let you know which software they use, etc.
I hope these suggestions are helpful. Best Wishes, TrueB.
Ps: Lua is the computer language used in Stalkersoup. There are YouTube videos on this.

EDIT: Hi Ikaruss, regarding weapons in the game: there are 2 types of launchers, 2 types of heavy machine gun, lots of various sorts of shotgun, rifles with fixed sights and ones to which silencers, underbarrel grenade launchers, and sights can be added, some that have night sight. Imagine viewers of paintings, some will like and some dislike some art; but if there was just one painting it would perhaps be boring. A gallery attendant once said to me that if I didn't like the art, to walk on by: good advice I replied. 

Same with weapons in the Game, there is plenty of variety for everyone. What you see as poor, others may rave over and vice versa. There are choices you can ignore and walk on by, and others you may really like. Personally I like the range of choices because as an ex-target shooter, trying different firearms can be interesting, though for Soup my preferences are: I think it is called the FN94 Gulag (at least the last word is in it) the FN2000 Executioner, the Saiga Boar 12 shotgun, and the Stetchkin. I also find the Gravigun very useful for where individual NCPs end up in a heap, for separating them prior to searching. The anti-tank gun which I think is called the PTRD is now effective against APCs. Iirc correctly in a cut-scene, Duty in the NPP use some sort of fieldgun against mutants, and it could be useful if these were included and could be hitched to vehicles for towing eg in the ATP, or similar where large forces of enemies are present such also as hell hour. I would also like to see a fixable ground mortar for either using or fighting against. 
Stalkersoup, is one of the most adaptable games I have played; the gift from TB of his Modders.Script allows even more options in the game. Regards, TrueB.
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   Sat 16 Mar 2019 - 20:03

Hi you all whats going on in this thread cheers

This pertains to my interests cat

Very interesting Exclamation

The hard thing is knowing what is real
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PostSubject: Re: Various suggestions and criticisms...   

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Various suggestions and criticisms...
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