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 Dead Zone !!

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PostSubject: Dead Zone !!   Mon 8 Jan 2018 - 19:13

This is another thing i found in the zone - Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, yantar, rostok, wild territory, ATP, forgotten forest, are all dead

1 guy walking around the gate in garbage, and now and then you find 2 to 7 bandits to kill, and the 1 more stalker walking at the area where the helicopter and vehicles are, dogs in pack's between 11 and 24, cordon area, only dogs and if you lucky you can get the quest to kill some bandits, yantar you find a dog, or something just before you get to the lab, other vice it's dead, unless you go and do a walk threw the underground lab, there you can kill some snork's.

There are no stalkers running around like the games have in it. you cannot join a group, you do quest but, everyone still stay yellow. i don't know if my work in thees area are done as i cannot find anyone to give me a job, i just have 2 jobs to do, one is to collect the grass for the trader at the army warehouse, second, i need 1 fire ball, then i can deliver it to the dealer in the lost forest, and that is also dead

here and there you find a snork, or some baster mutant. ATP, it's ok, got some bandits moving there the hole time but after you kill them, nothing happens there, paradise i tell you, can put up a little cabin by the lake side, do some fishing sipping on a vodka.

Rostock, OK, that is a neutral base, no shooting, all welcome there, but the wild territory, there is nothing going on there, where is the merc's you always found there? 6 areas that go dead after you go threw them, nothing to do there if you have to go back that way.

the zone has grown, more maps, less quests, less caches, less artifacts, they don't sporn, you pick them, they stay empty, YES, more quest from doing the other maps, well, i have gone up to the north, did the which granter, and the monolith, when do you open the other areas, as there still no way to the other ports on the maps leading from any, from cordon to Pripayt.

i apolijice if i'm a bit grumpy, but i'm not, i would have liked it, if it had everything in it like the original three game has in them - freedom of choice to join a faction, stalkers moving around, stalkers fighting bandits, factions attacking each other, that is what is missing in this game, other stalkers.

Anyone gone further then me, tell me what's ahead, when do the ports open, as i'm getting bored here, I need a new map...

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PostSubject: Re: Dead Zone !!   Mon 8 Jan 2018 - 19:58

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
This is another thing i found in the zone <snip>

Sorry WhiteWolf, My old eyes have trouble reading that solid block of text. scratch  If you make a long post, please break it down into paragraphs.  geek Thank you.
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Dead Zone !!
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